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Creative Passenger Transport guaranteed safe service to visitors. Our staff works to provide you with the finest possible travel experience across the country. A perfect event transport plays a key part to make your event an amazing one. We provide smooth and safe event transportation all over Dubai and Abu Dhabi. We Set up an expert ground transport service in the UAE for all your occasions. Our Event transport services cover small and major functions such as concerts, cultural festivals or corporate meetings. We support your events with customized transportation for huge events, and a reliable, pleasant transport will be provided to all travellers with an expert driver.

Keep Conferences & Events Running On-Time

Punctuality and professionalism often go hand in hand. Creative transport wants to help your corporate gathering go according to schedule with efficient transportation in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. All drivers are instructed to arrive early at approved pick-up places so that your group has plenty of time to board and settle in. Booking a charter bus for Abu Dhabi events like team-building days or off-site meetings will also allow all colleagues to arrive at your destination at the same time, so you won’t need to adjust your schedule for someone who may be running behind.

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